Will Your CV/ Resume Make The Cut?

These are the #FACTS:

1. On average, employers look at CVs/resumes for 6 to 7 seconds before deciding if you’ve advanced to the next round.

2. Many employers are using Applicant Tracking Systems to automate their review processes.

3. Two thousand other Barbadians describe themselves as “hard-working and dedicated”.

So how do you stand out?... REALLY?

Our Starter Kit is designed to make you succeed in the job-hunting process. You don't just need a new CV/Resume, you need to understand how to create winning job applications.

For only $85 BBD, you receive:

  • A consultation with our team
  • A review of your existing CV/Resume
  • A revamp of your existing CV/Resume
  • Access to our game-changing job application tips video

Let's BRUK-BRUK Break this down:

A consultation with our team

Our team is filled with innovative and mission-oriented professionals with a genuine interest to contribute to your career success. We will ensure that your new CV/Resume is tailored to your career aspirations.

A review of your existing CV/Resume

After we understand your needs, we will provide a review of your most updated CV/Resume to see how it can be improved.

A revamp of your existing CV/Resume

Our team at Work Consultancy will then conduct your CV Revamp within 10 business days, allowing you one opportunity to make any suggestions before the final documents are delivered in Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Access to our game-changing job application tips video

As a social enterprise, sustainability is at our core. We don't just want to take your money; we want to ensure that you are in the best position to succeed. Our job application tips video teaches you how to tailor your new CV/Resume for every opportunity, shows you how to create winning cover letters and how to send your email application to your potential employer.

This video has helped a number of Barbadians secure interviews time and time again and is guaranteed to get you to the interview room, if the tips are applied correctly.

You want to win, right?

We currently have 4.8/5 stars on Google! Here's what our clients say:

"Work Consultancy Inc. was efficient, timely, professional and highly creative in providing their CV revamp service to me. My CV has never looked better. It previously lacked structure and cohesiveness. I feel confident that I will stand out from all the other submitted CVs for the job that I am applying for. My distinguishing qualities are now upfront and ready to be taken notice of. All thanks to Work Consultancy Inc.!"

About Work Consultancy

Work Consultancy Inc. is registered company in Barbados with the vision to see the people of developing countries thrive. To achieve this, Work Consultancy focuses on the sustainable evolution of the professional, corporate and social sectors within countries.

Founded in 2019, the social enterprise has been making outstanding contributions to Barbados' development as they help students transition into the world of work more seamlessly and help Barbadians secure purposeful careers. Work Consultancy's family-centred approach leaves a lasting mark on all of their clients allowing them to maintain high-star reviews.

If you are ready to win on your job-hunting journey and pursue your purpose, Work Consultancy is your first stop to success!

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